In this project I worked with two wonderful clients to create a new front entry garden for their home.  The home sits on a wide corner lot and is exposed on three sides.  The project was aimed at creating a sense of arrival and balancing views to the front of the home with creating a sense of privacy and separateness.  The client wanted to have a changing mix of textures through the year, while keeping the color palette focused on greens, whites and purples.

An evergreen hedge creates an edge around the front of the property and separates the garden from the street.  a central bed contains Russian sage, white coneflower 'white swan', aster 'purple dome' and catmint 'walker's low' to create a changing focal point of green, silver, purple and white.  This bed is backed by low evergreen taxus, and a purple japanese maple that stands out against the white garage beyond.  As you come up the bluestone path to the front door you are greeted by hydrangea 'incrediball' which draws your eye to the evergreen and grass planting across the street.