About the designer

I am a landscape architect and educator working in central Ohio where I live with my wife and daughter.  I strive to build beautiful, long lasting landscapes that bring joy, peace, and rest to my client's lives.  I value good relationships with my clients and think that the best designs come from strong collaboration between  clients and designer.

I was trained at the Ohio State University in the Master's of Landscape Architecture program and have worked in construction and landscape design for 10 years.  I am a registered landscape architect in the state of Ohio and a passionate gardener, especially of fruits and vegetables.

I believe that it is important to think of our outdoor spaces as gardens, that they are meant to be beautiful unique spaces with a definite character.  I believe that a successful design is one that suits the people that use it.  I believe in using real materials that are durable and honest in ways that will last.

If you are interested in discussing a design project please contact me.