private garden

For this project I worked with two clients to renovate private backyard garden.  The existing garden had a large worn out oddly shaped deck that had been situated around a large tree that had died.  This design focused on bringing people down into the garden and creating a strong sense of entry into the garden, and a strong sense of privacy.  A black aluminum fence and gate flanked by dwarf crabapples creates an entry into the garden A deck provides a seating area above the garden and leads down to a patio and eating area.  A secret garden is tucked in around the corner of the house, and small seating area is also situated above the retaining wall, looking down into the garden.  Plantings were wrapped around the perimeter of the garden.  A hedge of arborvitae 'Green Giant' line the fence, and redbuds and a crabapple in large containers provide shade and add provide additional screening.