Preparing for your Project

Getting Ready

Spending some time considering what you are looking for can help make sure we design something that is right for you. Here are some questions to consider:

What am I looking for?  Somewhere to sit and read?  A place to entertain friends?  A refuge for wildlife?  A place to grow my own food?  An outdoor kitchen? A place to meditate or pray? A place for clients to have coffee and talk with friends?

What do I love about this place already?  What is the best thing about my home, business, school, etc.?

What problems do I have?  Can I take care of what I have now? What frustrates me? What isn’t working?

How will I take care of the new garden?  Will I take care of things myself? Do I need to hire someone to help?

What am I wiling to spend on my new garden?  What can I afford now?  What can I afford over the next five years?

What excites me? What do you find beautiful or interesting? Collecting pictures of places that you love can help you see what possiblities are out there, and help me understand your preferences.  Feel free to share images and notes with me at