Preparing for your Project

Getting Ready

Getting the most out of your design takes some preparation.  I can help you think about what your priorities are, but the more you know what you are after, the easier it is to get there. Here are a couple of things to consider before our meeting:

What do I want out of my new landscape?  Somewhere to sit and read?  A place to entertain friends?  A refuge for wildlife?  A place to grow my own food?  An outdoor kitchen?

What do I love about my home, business, or church now?  What is the best thing about where I live?

What problem to I have with my property?  Are there wet spots?  Areas where things won't grow?  Muddy areas?  Do I need a place to put a table?

How will I take care of the new garden?  Do I like to garden, pull weeds, plant flowers? Will I hire someone to take care of things for me?

What am I wiling to spend on my new garden?  What can I afford now?  What about over the next five years?

What style of garden excites me?  Collecting pictures from pinterest, houzz, or a google search can say a 1000 words about what your are looking for, and help you see what possiblities are out there.  If you put together a board on pinterest or houzz you can share it with me at